Find out in this article why and where to buy a home at auction, which, in most cases, can mean considerable savings.

Besides being a necessity and a dream, the acquisition of a property is also a form of investment. That’s because, thanks to fluctuations in the real estate market, a property can become a very profitable asset over the years. If purchased at a competitive price, the property can be resold for a higher price, bringing profit to the owner. Likewise, there is also the possibility of renting the property, thus becoming a new source of fixed income.

However, there is some ignorance about the fact that the purchase of real estate is not restricted to the offer disclosed by real estate agencies. Banks and auction houses are also great places to find cheap real estate. Purchasing a property through this route usually represents savings of up to 40%, compared to prices in the real estate market in general.

Auction property can be a great buying and investment opportunity. But for the business to be really attractive, an assessment and advisory work is necessary. For this reason, we have listed here some of the main Portuguese Auction Houses for the purchase of real estate.

UON Imobiliária

As part of the UON Consulting group, UON Imobiliária operates in the national and international market, providing specialized services in various segments, especially hospitality and residential. UON’s activity is regulated and supervised by IMPIC (Institute of Public Markets for Real Estate and Construction) and operates in the sale of properties from banks, civil construction and public works companies, real estate, funds and individuals. As a pioneer auctioneer in the sale of real estate in mass auctions, UON Mediação Imobiliária ensures the holding of more than 500 national and international real estate auctions.


Duomaquete is a real estate agency with twenty years of experience in the market. It has a permanent team of excellent professionals focused on customer satisfaction at all stages of the business. Its objective is to offer the best assistance in the purchase, sale or lease of properties in a personalized, close and reliable way. The services it provides are governed by care throughout the process, proximity to customers, personalization of services and trust in the relationship with all customers and partners.

VAMGO Gestão de Activos e Comércio

VAMGO establishes a close collaboration with various Insolvency Administrators, Enforcement Agents and Courts in the context of the processes for which they are appointed. The company also acts as an appointed Sales Officer, being appointed by the intervening parties, in sales processes which often include banking entities. Therefore, VAMGO acts as responsible for procedures for publishing, raising, formalizing, and recording legal sales in Mainland Portugal, as well as in all Courts of the Region of Azores and Madeira.

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