Centro de Leilões is an electronic platform that aggregates a set of companies of the auction activity, at a national and international level. This platform was developed specifically for the professional auction market, with extensive experience in the industry, allowing to create a link between buyers, auctioneers and companies that intend to sell their assets. The Centro de Leilões Portal intends to stimulate the development of your auction activity, offering services that will allow you to boost your business.

Founded in 2015, Revista de Subastas presents itself as the only multisectoral portal specialized in the dissemination of information on auctions in Mexico, positioning itself as the main medium with the greatest impact in this segment, at a regional level. With 7 years of experience in the market, Revista de Subastas is currently able to reach a large number of contacts from solid databases of end customers, which allow market penetration in any sector of activity, leveraging the conversion rate of your business.

With its reference partner, Centro de leilões can go further, publicizing its opportunities in Portugal and Mexico, with a reach that can go up to 80,000 contacts.

Try an auction disclosure, private negotiation or direct sale with us and receive a detailed report with the impact of our disclosure and the respective reach in terms of end customers.


Seven years ago, we started the “Revista de Subastas” project, a portal specialized in the dissemination of information on auctions in Mexico, positioning ourselves as the main specialists with the greatest impact in this segment, at a regional level.

With the firm conviction of expanding and offering our services internationally, we are inaugurating in Portugal, with the support of the International Business Consultant, Market Access, the Centro de Leilões Portal, specialized in the auction segment, to strengthen the promotion and dissemination processes of entities and associated companies, fostering the relationship between entrepreneurs, auction houses and buyers.

Centro de Leilões brings together specialists in auctions, technology, marketing, online marketing, finance, business, to develop a portal specialized in the sector.

Currently, we are at the right moment to strengthen auction processes and encourage sales and acquisitions of assets at auction. In some cases, even giving assets a second use, promoting ecological processes. The opportunities are for all sectors of the market, becoming an added value for those who wish to start a new business and optimizing the cost of the initial investment. For entrepreneurs, it is an excellent tool with which they can quickly capitalize their assets.

Currently, with the great change in the economy of COVID-19, entrepreneurs will have a greater need for liquidity and auctioning will always be the best option. Therefore, the Centro de Leilões is focused on strengthening communication, so that everyone has access to the best benefit, aware of the opportunities.

Our entire technical team works daily between Mexico and Portugal, and we are very happy to present the centrodeleiloes.pt website! We do not intend to be any kind of competition for the sector. On the contrary, we want to join synergies, we want to be your partner, by advertising and promoting your company in our Marketplace and in our associated Social Media Networks, in order to advertise your business, the auctions you have in activity and be a link between buyers, sellers and suppliers of complementary activities!

“Algunas personas sueñan con hacer grandes cosas, mientras otras están despiertas y las hacen.” (Anonymous)

Adrián Solís, CEO of Centro de Leilões