Buying a vehicle at auction can be extremely advantageous, as the buyer can find cars for a much more affordable price. Nowadays, it is even possible to find semi-new cars up to 2 years old, with low kilometrage, with a discount of up to 90%. Even cars bought at auction that need some sort of repairing, have an added value, taking into account that the investment value can still be below the list price.

In addition, before being auctioned, all vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection in order to identify any eventual problems. This way, the buyer can have an overview of the car’s condition and obtain better information that helps in the decision-making process. If the information provided is not accurate, the consumer is entitled to a full refund of the investment.

All vehicles at auction have a minimum value bid. The starting value will depend on the car’s structure and function, the number of kilometers driven and the market situation. Additionally, the auctioneer checks if the requested value is fair and attractive.

Auctioned cars do not come with a warranty. However, if the factory warranty is still valid, it is possible to activate it normally. Also, there is not a special care when it comes to hybrid or electric cars, as they follow the same inspection steps as the combustion vehicles.

Steps to follow

1º step – Check if the auction company is reliable.

2º step – Analyze carefully all the information available about the car, namely written information, photos, videos and even in person visits in order to verify all the details.

3º step – Stipulate an amount you consider fair before bidding. A brief search can be of great help to the buyer.

4º step – Proceed with the payment and schedule the vehicle pick-up. Some pending issues, such as some documentation of the car and certain repairs, are only executed afterwards.