Private Negotiation of Commercial Establishment

Private Negotiation of Commercial Establishment – Insolvency Proceedings

Negotiation status: CLOSED

Negotiation ending date: August 07th, 2021 at 11:59 pm (Portuguese time)

Negotiation information:

  • Right to Transfer and Lease the Commercial Establishment for Hotel Activities in Mirandela
  • Insolvency of “Poetas e Castelos Unipessoal, Lda” – Case no. 343/20.7T8AMDL which runs at the Judicial Court of the District of Bragança – General Court of Jurisdiction of Mirandela – Judge 1
  • Items for sale: commercial establishment
  • Lot Description:
    • Lot 1 – Right to Transfer and Lease applicable to the commercial establishment called “Mourel”, installed in the basement of the urban building located in Vale de Rodrigo, National Road No. 15, Industrial Zone, in Mirandela, registered in the building matrix under art . 2394 of the parish of Mirandela, for hotel and similar activities. The right to transfer and lease the commercial establishment includes the lease of the property, whose current monthly income is €700.00 (seven hundred euros) plus €230.00 (two hundred and thirty euros) regarding retention.
      • Base value: €20,030.00
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