When it comes to selling an entire company or liquidating assets, selling by auction is the most efficient and transparent method.

In the case of assets, this type of sale refers to those that can be considered unnecessary for the company (obsolete or in disuse) and therefore be converted into immediate capitalization.

For this liquidation to take place in a more transparent and efficient way, auctions are a suitable method, and an auction house becomes a “specialized commercial arm”, essential for the sale of assets to the highest bidder, in an open market at national and international level.

It is in this context that Centro de Leilões reinforces the promotion and dissemination of auction events to strengthen auction processes, through promotional strategies supported by specialized databases and strategic alliances to support auctioneers by helping them achieve their objectives, selling assets to the highest bidder in an open market.

As for the sale of entire companies, due to the regulatory mechanisms involved in their bankruptcy, it is of utmost importance to obtain the best value for the sale of companies that have commitments to various creditors, to whom the highest return for the sale of assets must be given, so that the deficit is the smallest possible (all supported by the transparency that characterizes the processes).

When choosing a sale professional, he/she will carry out a study of the tangible and intangible assets to auction them in the best way, with each type of asset having a different sale strategy, and the appraisers involved in the process must be certified and specialized experts, oriented to the sale of assets by auction. It is, therefore, a whole project that is formed for each type of asset for sale.

Auction houses are in charge of classifying and organizing various auctions; for the case of sale of companies, in which different types of items are included, such as movable assets, real estate, production lines, machinery, industrial facilities, canteen areas, transport equipment, trademarks, patents, customer portfolio, etc.

All these auctions can be held in person or virtually, although nowadays online auctions of assets and entire companies are becoming more and more frequent.

The author of this article, specialized in auction sales, has been a pioneer in the sale of aircraft at auction, sales of companies, machinery, industrial equipment, real estate, office furniture, for the public and private sectors.

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