Porto City Hall will hold a public auction for the commercial lease of a convenience store, located in the Campanhã Intermodal Terminal. This space is located in the galleries of Level 1 and has an area of 74.9 m2.

The competition will be composed of two phases:

1st Phase – Application: in this phase, which will take place between 20 January and 20 February 2022, the applicants will submit the application form and other documents instructing the application. By applying the criteria set out in the Programme, 5 (five) candidates will be selected for the next phase.

2nd Phase – Public Bidding: in which the qualified applicants may bid for the licence by submitting successive bids.

Method of submitting applications – Applications must be submitted via email to dmci@cm-porto.pt by 11:59 pm on 20 February 2022.

Candidates: All interested parties that meet the requirements set out in the Programme of Procedure can apply, and must submit the documents listed in Article 8 of the Programme of Procedure.

Application Documents: Application Form; Certificate of non-debt to the Tax Authority; Certificate of non-debt to the Social Security; Permanent certificate, or access code to it, in case the Applicant is a legal person; Project Dossier consisting of, at least, the documents that evidence the requirements specified in clause 10.

Base price: 1000.00 euros

Space allocation period: 3 (three) years, can be renewed a maximum of two times, for equal periods, by written agreement of the parties.