The digitisation process covers all sectors, including judicial activities. The creation of the platform E-Leilões, developed by the Order of Solicitors and Enforcement Agents, has changed the process of selling pledged assets, assets resulting from insolvency proceedings or assets captured in criminal proceedings.

This platform is free and available to any citizen. However, although it is free to use, there are fees associated with the costs of launching the auction, which are properly regulated, based on the criteria of the base value of the asset.

The origin of this platform is related to the need to optimise the executive processes that were very slow in the courts.

Thus, the purchase of seized goods began to be carried out through electronic channels, which allowed an increase in the promotion of the items for auction or private negotiation, leading to a higher number of visualisations and, consequently, bids.

E-leilões has been available since April 2016 and shows a growing demand, mainly for goods in the categories of real estate, vehicles and furniture. Nevertheless, the platform also offers other kinds of assets, such as royalties, equipment and machinery.

On this platform, you can find information that allows you to have an overview of the auctioneering activity with regard to seized goods. This information is updated on a daily basis. With five years of experience, this platform has over 96000 users, more than 58000 completed auctions, 27000 sold goods and 2800 private negotiations. One of the major features of E-leilões is its intuitive use, which allows users to know which are the most requested products, as well as which are the most recently added products. Additionally, you can also search for active auctions and private negotiations through the map, which facilitates the selection of sales according to the location criteria defined by the user. Moreover, you can also use filters to select sales within a certain price range, sales mode and product type.

In the section of goods available for sale, you may find the descriptive information, photographs, location, execution agent and process data.

Even though the platform is easy to manage, the purchase of assets in legal proceedings has many specificities, so the support of a lawyer or solicitor is recommended for assistance and clarification.

The sale of seized assets takes place in a more transparent manner and is open to more citizens, as it is available to be consulted by anyone. The establishment of this platform allowed a higher promotion of the articles available for purchase, as well as the simplification of the process.