GRAND Selection of Construction Machinery – Spain

Status of the auction: CLOSED


Various locations in Spain

Closing date of the auction:

The first lot ends October 6th, at 3pm and the last lot ends October 6th, at 4:15pm

Informations of the auction:

76 items GRAND Selection of construction machinery in Spain

Responsable auctioneer:


Informações adicionais:

Inspection: Main Location: Logroño-Hormilla

Dates for inspection: October 04 from 09h00 until 18h00

05th October from 09h00 until 18h00

03rd October from 09h00 until 18h00

For the inspection please contact Nancy Castañeda –

Pick up: From October 14 to October 31, from 09:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Security deposit: This auction requires the introduction of a credit card


Nancy Castañeda

tel:+34 936393895

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