With economic uncertainty and increasing reluctance to invest in traditional asset classes such as stocks, real estate, or even bonds (due to low interest rates), investors are starting to see art as a viable and alternative form of investment due to the its low correlation with financial markets.

Currently, Street Art has seen great growth and its politicization is very attractive to younger generations of investors, thus creating a strong focus on the future of the movement. Internationally recognized artists such as Banksy, move large amounts of capital, but also lead to an increasing demand for other less recognized artists (The Banksy Effect), cementing the importance of buying the right artist at the right time. For this it is necessary to be aware of artistic trends, in which artists, collectors, galleries and auction houses have influence.

Investing in art seems to be a solid trend and the development of emerging artists allows investors to have a wider range of assets to invest in. For those with less funds or who are just in the process of creating their portfolio, purchasing etchings and lithographs can be a good investment. These two items are much less expensive and also have great potential for appreciation.