Everything you need to know about NFT auctions and the opportunity promoted by Club Desportivo de Guadalajara known as “Las Chivas”.

The innovative spirit of Club Desportivo Guadalajara, motivated by the development of NFT auctions (unique digital files), especially in the sports segment, seeks to perpetuate and celebrate the most emblematic moments that the club has lived with its fans in these 115 years of life. In this article we explain everything you need to know to become a digital NFT collector and participate in this great party in red and white.

Before starting, it is important to download Metamask, a crypto-wallet in which you can deposit AVAX and WAVAX (tokens) necessary for your transactions, that is, to bid on the auction and acquire some of the graphic pieces with unpublished material generated by Chivas.

Then, go to the website where the auction is taking place and choose one or more of the collectibles that the Sacred Reba had designed for this first collection of NFTs. Please remember that auctions are scheduled to close on July 9, 2021 at 23:59 CST. Please note that if a new bid is submitted 1 minute before the auction closes, the auction will be extended for another 15 minutes to give all participants the opportunity to place a new bid.

When participating in this auction, you should consider the following points:

– Funds will only be debited from your wallet if you are the winner of the auction, so make sure the funds are available in your Metamask at the time the auction ends.

– You should buy AVAX and exchange them for WAVAX in a decentralized exchange and leave a small amount of AVAX unchanged in your wallet, as network commissions are paid in AVAX.

– Orders that do not have the balance of the order at the time of the auction will be discarded.

Do you know that…?

An NFT can be any item as long as it is digital, which includes cartoons, animated GIFs, music, or video game items, of which the blockchain keeps track of ownership.

By Club Deportivo Guadalajara. The original text of this article was published by chivasdecorazon.com.mx. Click here for the original article.