During the normal development of the business life cycle, there is an increasing need to naturally sell the company’s assets. Even more so in this post-COVID-19 phase, the auctioning activity is a good option for the company’s capitalization, carrying out analyzes and revisions to the state of assets, reconfiguring work areas towards a new productive normality.

Companies do not have an area inside their organization dedicated to the sale of their assets, so the best alternative is to hire a professional to carry out this task, depending on the type of asset you need to sell. The different auction houses offer personalized services for the sale of assets, meeting the needs and objectives of each project.

At the Centro de Leilões Portal, all buyers and investors wishing to capitalize their assets will have access to information about your company and the auctions promoted by your company, beeing also able to contact you directly. Your business will easily reach a network of national and international contacts of buyers, which can stimulate the potential of your activity.

Sale of Assets at Auction, in Post Covid Period