For the allocation of vacant stores and stalls of the Municipal Market, the Municipality of Sintra is holding a public auction on April 10, at 10:00 am. You can check all the details of this public act in the points mentioned below and, in the official document of the Municipality:

Markets where the shops/banks are located:
Municipal Market of Cacém (1 stall available)
Municipal Market of Casal de Cambra (2 stores + 6 stalls available)
Municipal Market Estefânia (1 store + 1 stall available)
Municipal Market of Pero Pinheiro (1 store available)
Municipal Market of Rio de Mouro (1 store + 4 stalls available)
Várzea Municipal Market (1 available store)

Activities to develop in the items (variable depending on the spaces):
Commerce and services
Food trade
Bread/breadcrumbs commerce
Restaurants and services

Date for submitting proposals: between March 27 and March 31
Base bidding values for the items: between 100.00 euros and 1,500.00 euros
Location of the public act: Salão Nobre do Palácio Valenças, Municipality of Sintra