For the concession of the right of private use of two stores in Pombal markets, the Municipality is organizing a public auction on April 27, at 14:30. See details of this public act, in the following topics and on the official website of the Municipality:

No. of stores: 2
Location of items: Pombal Agricultural Market and Pombal Municipal Market
Area of the items: 40m2 and 50,82m2*
Activities to develop: commerce or services/work*.
Tenure of the stores: 5 years
Base bidding value: 500.00 euros and 650.00 euros*.
Minimum bid: 20.00 euros
Place of the public auction: Salão Nobre do Edifício dos Paços do Concelho

*Data varies depending on the item – check the City Hall details and find out which store each detail belongs to.