The Municipality of Esposende will hold, on August 16, a public auction for the sale of several properties of the municipality. The public act will take place at 10am, at the Municipal Forum Rodrigues Sampaio and will have the following description:

Six lots of land: 
Location: Forjães
Areas: between 199 and 300 square meters
Base price to bid: 112.000,00 euros

Urban building:
Location: Apúlia
Base price to bid: 612.355,00 euros

Urban building in ruin: 
Location: Rua da Senhora da Saúde, Esposende
Base price to bid: 175.000,00 euros

Urban building: 
Location: Rua da Nogueira, Esposende
Base price to bid: 43.665,00 euros

Plot of land for construction:
Location: Marinhas
Base price to bid: 58.735,00 euros

Autonomous fraction corresponding to a pavilion, destined for industrial activities: 
Location: Palmeira de Faro
Base price to bid: 138.000,00 euros

Rustic ground: 
Location: Curvos
Base price to bid: 203.355,00 euros