The Municipality of Coimbra will organize a public auction scheduled for April 19, regarding the allocation of sales locations in the Municipal Market D. Pedro V. With 63 spaces available, this public act presents the following specifications:

No. of stores: 20
No. of stalls: 43
Branches of activity to be developed in the stores: butcher, grocery, bakery, pastry, clothing, haberdashery or fashion accessories, gourmet food products (not for local consumption), frozen and processed fish, flowers, plants and seeds, among others
Branches of activity to be developed at the stalls: sale of fresh fish and vegetables
Base bid value variable depending on the item (each stall or store will be bid on separately)
Place of the public act: Salão Nobre dos Paços do Concelho

See the remaining information on the official website of the Municipality of Coimbra.