Did you know that the Public Security Police (PSP) holds annual auctions of lost and found objects?

With a wide variety of items, the PSP develops annual auctions that take place in different regions, being Lisbon, Porto and currently Coimbra some of the places where the organization has joined this type of event.

Items vary depending on the auction, and it is sometimes possible to purchase helmets, tents, bicycles, glasses, among many other objects that have not been claimed by the owners and can be reacquired.

As previously mentioned, the Public Security Police is currently organizing an auction in Coimbra, which will take place on March 31st at 10am. This will be an event open to the public, and it is only necessary that all participants are accompanied by an identification document and are over 18 years old.

The rules of participation in the PSP auctions may vary from place to place, and it is always important to follow all the information of the sales on the appropriate websites.