Public and private auctions are, for many, general sales of various items, which are distinguished by their award to the entity or individual who submits the highest bid. However, they can also be a form of rebirth and new opportunities when the auction relates to complete companies/businesses.

In this context, we present the case of Labrador – a Portuguese men’s fashion brand – which, through a public auction, managed to reborn and overcome financial difficulties, and is currently a success story.

It was in 2012 that the accessories and menswear company was acquired by the Edge Group, costing about two million euros, in 10 years, for its restructuring.

With production mostly in Portugal and with customers from the most varied age groups, the Labrador brand has been increasing its revenues and expanding nationally, with the increase of the number of stores in several Portuguese cities.

Through the public act performed 10 years ago, Edge Group was able to acquire a complete business that became an amazing success case with a bright future in sight.