The art collection of Paul Allen, Co-founder of Microsoft, went up for auction last November 9, 2022 and has already managed to reach an all-time record, raising 1.5 billion dollars on its first day.

Characterized as the most valuable private art collection in the world, also on November 10, 2022, the remaining items belonging to the same collection will be available, and which includes works by Georges Seurat, Monet, Hockney, Jasper Johns, Brueghel, among many other artists who have marked 500 years of art history.

Paul Allen, who died in 2018, went down in history as the Co-Founder of Microsoft, and his highly valuable private collection presented on November 9, a set of works with an extraordinarily high value, with five paintings reaching $100 million.

The proceeds raised by this auction, organized by Christie’s House, will be dedicated to philanthropy and charities.