The unforgettable Ferrari F300 driven by Michael Schumacher in 1998 will be available for sale at an auction organized by Sotheby’s auction house.

This model car carries enormous weight in the world of Formula 1, since, besides being associated with one of the most emblematic drivers of this sport, it is also associated with four great victories that Schumacher secured in that year. Between the months of June and September 1998, Schumacher managed, at the wheel of the Ferrari F300, to win the four Grand Prix of the sport, taking victories in France, Canada, Italy and England.

Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari F300 thus ended the Scuderia Ferrari team’s losing streak and entered F1 history.

Thus, from August 18 through August 20, the F300 will be available at auction in Los Angeles at the Monterey Conference Center. This model, developed by Rory Byrne, will be highly coveted by F1 lovers and all those who followed Michael Schumacher.