Art Auction

Diego Mesía and Gerardhi Mesía

Lot 005 – La Reconstrucción de la Memoria – Diego Mesía – Hand Embroidery

  • Author: Diego Mesía
  • Title: La Reconstrucción de la Memoria
  • Technique: Bordado manual
  • Chronology: 2021
  • Measurements: 49 x 69 cm
  • Materials: Silk thread with different threads and linen embroidery
  • Style: Surrealist

Base value: $60,000.00 pesos MXN

It reflects a scene of scientific experiments about the possible immortality of the human being, through the permanent activation of the memory (the brain).
In the play there are 9 characters, among them life and death.
The brain is a dead person, experimenting to be resurrected with the energy of electricity.
The bottom, a fetus that will be part of this brain and will be the same person, with a new body.
Death with a boot, is defeated, wounded, and ashamed, comes out.
In the background, two people. An agnostic and a Christian, leave with death and do not want to be experienced. They want to know the end or the beginning of a new existence.

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Diego Mesía will soon exhibit his work in museums in New York and Madrid.