Art Auction

Diego Mesía and Gerardhi Mesía

Lot 004 – Moribundos – Diego Mesía – Hand Embroidery

  • Author: Diego Mesía
  • Title: Moribundos
  • Technique: Manual embroidery
  • Chronology: 2021
  • Measurements: 39,5 x 63 cm
  • Materials: Silk thread with different threads on cotton fabric
  • Style: Surrealist

Base value: $60,000.00 pesos MXN

It is an empty room. A mouse begging the cat for its life.
The cat is a sculpture. These are our false prejudices, and they precede us as self-absorbed false judges.
The child with an umbrella is the witness, but he keeps silent and turns his back on the truth.
In this play, we recognize the cruelty of human beings to their own nature.
The lady with a spear in her hand in the background is a woman without conscience teaching her daughter to kill; an instinctive process of conscience resurfacing from society as a guide to follow.
Hanging shoes reflects the deactivation of life, “the end of the steps…”.
Death with a heart in his hand, from another room, is distracted. He had to do justice to the mouse. But human beings often impose their judgment without any conscience.

Note: Price plus VAT.

Diego Mesía will soon exhibit his work in museums in New York and Madrid.