Art Auction
Diego Mesía and Gerardhi Mesía

Lot 003 – Paraíso Amarillo – Gerardhi Mesía – Hand embroidered

  • Author: Gerardhi Mesía
  • Title: Paraíso Amarillo
  • Technique: Manual embroidery
  • Duration of the process: 4 months
  • Measurements: 69 x 119 cm
  • Materials: Silk thread with different threads on cotton fabric
  • Style: Abstro-surrealistic
  • Timeline: 2021

Base value: $115,500.00 pesos MXN

Every night is magical in the village where I live, which produces the creative effect on me. And so Paradise Amarillo was born. This is a collage in my mind and through thousands of stitches and hundreds of meters of yarn, the work exists now.

hundreds of meters of yarn, the work now exists. A unified portrait of several afternoons. I chose yellow because it is a color of hope, a color that inspires a better world.

And the shapes and patterns that seem to form a village of colors in the work, is actually a social machine. This is a journey into a wonderful world,

this is finding other ways to see beauty.

Paraíso Amarillo is certainly one of Mesía’s few works where he proposes a visual and psychological peace. Where perhaps the artist himself has captured his moment of happiness and peace.

Mesía considers himself a sad artist. That is why this work is a work of happiness.

Note: Price plus VAT.