Art Auction
Diego Mesía and Gerardhi Mesía

Lot 002 – Estamos solos – Diego Mesía – Hand embroidery

  • Author: Diego Mesía
  • Title: Estamos solos
  • Technique: Manual embroidery
  • Time: 2020
  • Measurements: 47,5 x 72,5 cm
  • Materials: Silk thread with different threads and embroidery on cotton fabric
  • Style: Surrealist

Base value: $70,000.00 pesos MXN

The scene of a funeral is reflected.
The corpse dressed in black and its transformation on the right side as a symbol of light after death.
The woman with a sperm in her hand represents a new beginning of life as that being born in her womb.
The two girls crying, as part of the scene of the life of the human being who in his nature mourns the departure of a loved one.
In the background, a window is seen as a symbol of freedom.
The being after death, begins to understand that we living beings are alone, “body and soul” for a new transformation.

Note: Price plus VAT.
Diego Mesía will soon exhibit his work in museums in New York and Madrid.