He is advising the satellite launching project now with the Universidad Panamericana.

This coming October 6, the First Great Space Art Auction will be held at the Universidad Panamericana (UP) in Mexico, which will offer a hundred works of art, all of which are themed on space.

The event aims to raise funds for the PAKAL (Pakal the Great from astronaut to time traveler) satellite space mission. One of the most beloved and respected Mayan rulers of Palenque), on which researchers from the same university are working.

The week of October 3-7, the Universidad Panamericana is organizing the International Space Week as part of an academic, cultural and scientific agenda to commemorate the launching of Sputnik on October 4, 1957.

The central event will be an auction, a joint work between Pop Up Subastas, directed by Juan José Díaz Infante and Mónica Barragán Rosillo, and Colectivo Espacial Mexicano (also directed by Díaz Infante). Juan José Díaz Infante will be the curator and auctioneer, an expert in technologies and culture.

Since 2010, Díaz Infante has been doing ‘SpaceArt” projects and space activism among which we can mention the cultural satellite Ulises I, Poema a la gravedad “Tu cuerpo, mi cuerpo” which was part of a zero gravity mission carried out in Russia, the transmission of “Quijote en la Luna” and organized the first auction of NFTs in Mexico. He is also the founder of the Colectivo Espacial Mexicano, the first citizens’ collective of its kind, which evolved into the Agencia Espacial Civil Mexicana.

On the other hand, the Pop Up auction house has 3 years of experience as an innovative format in times of COVID and POST COVID, more than 60 events in its pandemic credit, among which are auctions organized throughout the republic for causes such as the Poniatowska Foundation, the Mexican Red Cross SMA, Food Bank SMA, Family Foundation in CDMX, La Nana in CDMX, Breast Cancer Foundation in CDMX, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama, Fundación para el Cáncer Mama. The Breast Cancer Foundation in Qro. and soon for the Board of Trustees of the Art Museum of Queretaro MAQRO.

From the combined efforts of the Mexican Space Collective and Pop Up, as well as the need of the Universidad Panamericana (UP) to raise resources to continue the PAKAL project, this First Great Space Art Auction was born, which will feature a total of 100 works including drawings, paintings, photographs, lithographs, sculptures and silkscreen prints whose only theme is space.

The auction will be open to the public and will feature works by: Andy Warhol, Mr Niuk, Gallois, Vicente Rojo, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Maru Vázquez. HR Giger, Rufino Tamayo, Díaz Infante himself among others. The main work of the evening will be Andy Warhol’s exceptional silkscreen Moonwalk, a 96×96 cm. limited edition certified by Sunday B Morning.

The auction effort that seeks to raise funds for the PAKAL satellite mission, advised by Diaz Infante. This satellite will have the purpose of collecting information about space debris, its development is in charge of the Universidad Panamericana and the Laboratorio Misión Colibrí.

More details:

Day: October 6, 2022
Time: 19:00 hours
Place: Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City.
Address: Annex 507 of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Panamericana.
Augusto Rodin #498, Insurgentes Mixcoac, Benito Juarez, Mexico City.
RSVP Limited space, reservation and information: jdiazinfante@altamiracave.com