Forged in gold and enamel, decorated with gemstones, two 19th century tiaras believed to have belonged to Empress Josephine Bonaparte, first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, sold for values ​​exceeding €670,000 (£576,600).

Offered as part of the “Treasures” sale by Sotheby’s auction house in London, the pieces were described by Sotheby’s head of jewelry, Kristin Spofforth, as “a very rare example” with “important symbolism”.

The first piece, a “wonderful tiara with incredible carnelian carvings depicting classical scenes” fetched around €529,000 (£450,600), beating the stipulated price of £200,000 – £300,000. On the other hand, the second piece, where there are representations of Greek gods and heroes, it was sold for forecasted values (£100,000 – £200,000) reaching €148,000 (£126,000).