Luz Herrera began her pictorial studies in 1968 with classical portrait and still life painting with Angelina Gómez Grosso, landscape in watercolor and oil with Ana Landín and human figure at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

She began a career in Graphic Design with a specialty in illustration, an area in which she holds a degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana. Since 1992 she teaches classical painting and creativity workshops in her studio until today.

She specializes in contemporary painting at the Centro Nacional de las Artes “La Esmeralda” with Eidetic painting and Color Philosophy with Master Rogel Von Gunten.

Interview conducted by Subastas en Mexico, 2022

Living in Bogota, Colombia, she studies with Master Guillermo Spinosa and defines her tendency and style towards abstract painting.

Studied at the Universidad Iberoamericana the Introduction to Abstract Painting and New Trends in Abstract Painting with Master Juan Gonzalez de Leon.

She graduated in abstract painting at the Universidad Iberoamericana with the theme Death and Birth with which she finishes defining her style.

She works as Director of the graphic design department in the office of Architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez where she participates in setting and illustration projects for:

  • International Olympic Committee based in Switzerland.
  • Leads the setting of the World Cup MEXICO 86.
  • Participates in the setting of the Information Center of MEXICO 86.
  • Wins the international competition for the image of the official mascot for the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammmer.
  • Subsequently specializes in restaurant and commercial settings.
  • Winner and representative as the best artist of the Jesuit system in 2015 “Mundos Vividos: balance y miradas de visiones” Gallery of the Universidad Iberoamericana.

She exhibits in Mexico in various forums with diverse themes. Since her beginnings she has been attracted by nature expressing in her painting the duality and the discourse of the contradictory of various human themes based on nature itself.