When considering several ways to start a business, one of the ways less explored by entrepreneurs is auctions, although it is very advantageous to consider this method to start an entrepreneurial project.

The benefits involved are several, starting with the value that can be taken from the auctioned goods if the entrepreneur knows exactly what he wants, because, being the buyer, the power is totally on his side from the beginning of the auction. At that moment, the seller no longer has negotiating power in terms of value while the buyer, in addition to deciding the maximum price can also acquire assets at a reduced price.

However, this value of the auctioned good may rise from the original reference price if it is the subject of a fair and fierce dispute between interested buyers willing to raise the stakes, even though compared to the market value it is a lower price maintaining the economic advantage over traditional negotiations.

In cases where disputes are minimal or non-existent, the prices of the auctioned assets can be much lower than the market value, but it is vital for the entrepreneur to know the value of the business or asset at auction before the start of the auction. The advantage of this method is precisely to acquire assets at prices lower than the corresponding market values ​​so that the entrepreneur does not pay above the odds and has the greatest possible benefit.

It is part of this pre-auction preparation that the entrepreneur identifies new opportunities as well as information about their competitors, as the time for listing business assets can be short and with little publicity.

The entrepreneur who explores the acquisition of assets at auction for the start or strengthening of his business and prepares carefully and diligently to identify his goals and valuations of the assets of interest, has an excellent opportunity to obtain assets essential to his business at a very high value. These are attractions rarely found in other trading methods.


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