Social, environmental, ethical or health problems are some of the strong reasons for the growth of charity/solidarity auctions.

This type of auction is held with the aim of raising funds that can be used to support the neediest populations and/or for the development of research.

Works of art, luxury accessories, objects from well-known personalities, and tours are some of the items available at charity auctions that, in addition to meeting the demand for these types of items, also contribute to solving various problems of society.

Each charity auction is related to different causes, associations, and items, and there are several platforms where the auctions can be developed, either nationally or internationally. In addition, companies have also been holding these events, donating all the money raised to a specific association.

Several charity auctions can be organized for different causes and at different times of the year, although when there are situations of greater humanitarian urgency, this type of event has a significant increase. Periods such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the current war in Ukraine are of great importance with regard to the demand for increased support:

  • In the year 2020, a charity auction was held in Italy, where several cycling items from the Vatican team were made available, in order to raise the largest amount of money to donate to hospitals in the north of the country. This auction had the support and participation of Pope Francis, who signed several jerseys to be auctioned.
  • With the main goal of raising £50,000 for the most urgent humanitarian aid for Ukraine, a solidarity travel auction was held last April, with several homes in Europe and the United States available for rent. The event’s project was developed by interior designer Josephine Ryan, called “Home for Home”, with donations going to the Disasters Emergency Committee in the UK.
  • In Portugal, an auction of artworks related to painting, silkscreen and photography, took place on March 12 and raised about 10 thousand euros to help Ukrainian refugees. In this event, which took place at the Ordem dos Médicos in Coimbra, 30 works were offered by 21 artists who sought to support this cause.

With several problems that today’s society faces, charity auctions prove to be extremely relevant and can play an important role as a form of investment and support to people and entities that go through these problems or seek to mitigate them.