The coronavirus crisis had a major impact on the auctioning reality, which until then was mostly conducted in a presential format. However, due to the pandemic situation we are currently experiencing, some changes were necessary to adapt the auctions to the virtual world. In a short period of time, cybercrime showed a growing trend and started to be exploited by creating fake auction sites or even cloning famous auction sites. For these reasons it is necessary to take certain preventive measures while participating in online auctions.

Virtual auctions are considered safe as long as some precautions are followed. Before registering, sending bank details or documents on an unknown platform, it is advisable to check the website’s reputation. In order to fight against digital scams, there are some tips that help us to determine whether the website we intend to visit is trustworthy or not.

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First of all, we should look at some basic aspects of the website, such as the SSL/TLS certificate. It is important to confirm that the website in question has an SSL/TLS certificate, in other words, the famous “padlock” that appears next to the URL in the browser navigation bar. This “padlock” means that the website uses encrypted connection, being ,theoretically, more secure.

While analysing the authenticity of these websites, it is also very important to check their social media and whether their online presence is consistent or not. This analysis can be conducted in several different ways, such as, observing if the social networks are updated, if the posts are made regularly and if the information present on the web page coincides with the information on the media. Additionally, it is also relevant to check when the accounts were created and how long they have been active.

A previous research on the website in question is always relevant, as a simple search on Google can help the user understand if the webpage is authentic or not. Reading comments and reviews from other customers can become an extremely valuable asset. Nowadays, there are even websites designed to report unreliable auction sites.

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Also, after checking the website’s veracity, it will be necessary to register on the site in order to participate in the virtual auditorium when it is time to bid. It is important to observe the platform’s instructions and how long the auction will remain live. Additionally, the user must pay attention to the other participants’ bids in order to decide how much to bet on his own bid.

The prices charged at auctions can be very appealing, but it is important to be aware of other adjacent costs. It is crucial to always read the public notice and check the condition of the products before qualifying for the auction. Usually, the items are sold in the condition in which they are in, without a guarantee, which can lead to unforeseen expenses. The location of the purchased product is also important, since the expenses related to the dismantling, removal, transportation and asset transfer of the auctioned items are usually the responsibility of the bidder.