The renowned Livraria Lello has acquired 42 letters written in the 1950’s by the artist and Nobel Prize for Literature, Bob Dylan.

As a way of celebrating 117 years of one of the best known bookstores in the world, 150 pages written by Bob Dylan and addressed to Barbara Ann Hewitt were bought for more than 500 thousand euros at an auction held by RR Auction. The reason for this special acquisition, is due to the notoriety of the acclaimed artist and the already scheduled commemoration exhibition at Livraria Lello, on January 13, 2023.

All the letters present in the auction relate to the time when Bob Dylan (who still used his full name – Robert Allen Zimmerman – as his signature), was 17 years old and showed his passion for Barbara, through poems and confessions about his life and future musical career.

In the 150 pages written, Bob Dylan shows the great interest in using a different name for his future works and in being able to sell a million records. Nowadays, these letters are extremely important as they show the artist’s writing and thoughts and, in January, they can be seen at Livraria Lello, located in Porto.