Company Name: Lusoparticipações Avalibérica, S.A.
Address: Trav. Casal do Cego, Fracção B, Zona Industrial do Cego
Marrazes – Apto 2926
2401-902 Leiria, Portugal
Phone: +351 707 100 561 


AVALIBÉRICA already has more than two decades of experience in its activity, being today recognized as one of the most important companies in the sector. With sustained growth, based on pillars of rigor and solidity, it was possible to expand the field of action, with AVALIBÉRICA today represented in several strategic locations in order to develop and promote its activity. In Portugal, the main points of coverage of the entire continental territory and islands, and beyond borders, in the main markets of strategic influence are highlighted.

AVALIBÉRICA has become, in a short space of time, one of the companies of excellence in the market sector where it operates, covering the most varied sectors of activity (real estate, industrial and technological machinery and equipment, vehicles, shipbuilding, scraps, works of art, antiques, precious metals, etc.).