Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewelry auction, taking place on June 08, 2023, features a unique diamond with an estimated value of 35 million US dollars.

The item is named “Eternal Pink” and is a 10.57-carat pink-purple diamond developed from a 23.78-carat rough stone and discovered at the Damtshaa Diamond Mine in the year 2019.

This auction could go down in history as the most expensive sale of a rare diamond, should it surpass the 2022 auction held by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, where a diamond with 11.15 carats was sold for $57.7 million.

The perfection, brilliance, and color of this diamond make it a true work of art, so its initial value of $35 million is expected to be considerably exceeded at the auction to be held in June.

This is an event that is already part of history as the auction to make available the most valuable violet-pink diamond to date.

Source: Sotheby’s