This time we will focus more on the benefits of auctions and the role of the buyer, that is, on that person who decides to approach the auctions to acquire a certain asset.

What is essential is to have an open attitude that allows you to know another way to sell and / or acquire items. The benefits of auctions are both for consignees (people who enter into agreements with auction houses to sell certain goods) and for buyers; For example, if someone is responsible for selling furniture or equipment that is no longer necessary for the operation of the company for which he works, auctions represent an option that is not only practical and quick but also transparent.

There are a couple of initial considerations that should be taken into account when participating: 1) consult the respective call, and 2) review the catalog (whether printed or online) where the goods are displayed as well as certain characteristics and conditions. The range of products that are auctioned is very wide: from art to heavy machinery, through jewelry, office furniture, industrial equipment, vehicle fleets and any product that crosses your mind.

Auction Benefits

Once you confirm that the auction offers the product you require, it will be necessary to acquire the bases (the document that contains all the auction information; normally this document is paid for as part of the registration), register and, in the case of a face-to-face auction, attend the event on the day, place and time indicated. It is worth mentioning that registration implies the delivery of certain documentation and the seriousness guarantees corresponding to the lots in which there is an interest; normally a deposit of approximately 10% of the starting price is left.

It is important that you check that the property or property in which you are interested are in good condition. For this, it is necessary that you ask about the eye visits, which are carried out prior to the day of the auction and are used to review the products. During the event you will be given a paddle (something similar to a table tennis racket) that will be used to make the bids, that is, the offers for the objects we wish to acquire.

If you are the winner of a lot (product or item), the seriousness guarantee will automatically become a performance guarantee in order to ensure full payment of the good or goods purchased. Normally the auction houses give five business days after the closing of the event to settle.

Among the benefits of acquiring goods through auctions are: transparency, excellent products, prices below the average, security, comfort and a wide range of products, among others.