With the participation of 21 national and international entities, the eleventh Guarantees of Origin (GOs) auction was held and proved to be a great success!

On July 13, 2022, 12 of the 21 entities present at the event acquired at least one of the GOs certificates, which prove to electricity consumers that their source of production is renewable and whose issuance is carried out by REN (Rede Elétrica Nacional).

The good results of the auction are demonstrated through the significant increase in revenues, compared to the previous year, in which 7.4M euros were achieved this year (about 44% above the period relative to 2021).

Besides the total net results, there was also an increase in the maximum price for solar energy (2.30 euros, 0.35 euros higher than the previous year), and 3.50 million GOs, equivalent to 3.5 TWh of certified energy, were also auctioned. The GOs were divided into eight lots, divided into solar, thermal, hydro and wind energy.

The Guarantees of Origin certificates are issued by the EEGO (Guarantees of Origin Issuing Entity), which has the responsibility to issue, register, transfer and cancel all GOs.

Guarantees of Origin are having a major impact on energy production as they respond to consumer trends and demands regarding sustainability and environmental protection. In Portugal, GOs have already issued 70 million certificates.