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lionesa business hub

Centro de Leilões
Portal Presentation

1st & 2nd of February 2023

Lionesa Business Hub

The Centro de Leilões Portal Presentation event aims to promote the contents presented in the platform, as well as the companies that advertise all auctions or direct sales in the auction sector marketplace.


Through this promotion event, all the dissemination strategies developed by Centro de Leilões and all the contents related to the auctioning activity, such as private negotiations, auctions, direct sales, informative articles and interviews will be displayed.

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Lionesa Business Hub

Leça do Balio, Porto

Lionesa Business Hub is the most dynamic business centre of industry 5.0 in Portugal. Belonging to the Lionesa Group, which includes brands such as Livraria Lello e Loureiro, the Lionesa Business Hub acts in the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, culture and arts, and currently hosts more than 120 companies and 700 people.

This action will include the display of the different public and private auctions active on the portal, as well as the promotion of our reference partner - SURPLEX - the European market leader in online auctions of industrial machinery and equipment.

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Centro de leilões

Centro de Leilões is a platform that discloses a wide range of contents of the auction activity and promotes auctioneers companies that develop auctions and direct sales of various sectors, nationally and internationally.


Our portal was developed specifically for the professional auction market, with extensive experience in the sector, allowing to create a link between buyers, auctioneers and companies that intend to sell their assets. As our audience is international, we have our website available in 3 languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Our partner Revista de Subastas is the market leader in Mexico for auctions.

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